From the A-3 Salerno / Reggio Calabria Autostrada del Sole, exit at Padula - Buonabitacolo or Lagonegro Nord, turn left and follow the signs for Sapri along the Cilentana highway (SS517 Var) at the end of the state road you will arrive in Policastro Bussentino. Follow the signs for Scario, and once you enter the town, you will find the signs for the Hotel Ristorante Cavaliere.

Get off at the Sapri railway station. In the first case, once you get off at Sapri, use the Curcio Pullman service, with which you can reach all the towns in the Gulf of Policastro, and get off at Policastro Bussentino.

The closest airports are Rome, Lamezia Terme and Naples. Once you arrive at the airport, you can either take the train, getting off at Sapri, or rent a car in the various car rental companies present at the airports.